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What does your LinkedIn profile photo say about you?

Your social media profile photo is often the first impression people get of you. Quirky…

9 Marketing Lessons from the #YesEquality Campaign

Ireland recently became the first country in the world to say ‘Yes’ by popular vote…

Fed up of social media marketing? Here’s some good news!

What’s the difference between digital marketing and social media marketing? For your business: direct access, control, precision and personalisation!

4 Simple Formulas to Make Your Content Go Viral

Make your content go viral with pre-populated sharing links i.e. with one click, people can share the content you want them to. How to create sharable links to your content to use in email, blog, white papers. Pre-populate sharing links for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn using these simple formulas.

2 Critical Actions to Take on LinkedIn Showcase Pages

This post was first published on the Social Tribe blog. Earlier this year, LinkedIn retired…

Online reputation: “right to be forgotten” ruling is good news

Mostly we like to be remembered, but when it comes to negative online content, it’s…

5 Aha Moments at Social Media Marketing World 2014

In my Bizzabo one-liner for the conference, my goal was “to learn, connect and geek out”. Check, check and check.
What I hadn’t counted on was having lots of fun, being in such a positive, friendly environment and having quite so many “aha moments”, starting with: Employees are your Secret Superpower

Auto-Translation Tips – Multilingual Marketing

Auto translation tools like Google Translate can help with multilingual marketing. Simple tips to minimise mistakes and get the most from these tools | Karen Henry

5 Minute Marketing: Domain Names

Domain names are now part of our everyday lives. Technically, a domain name is a simpler alias for the IP address for a web server, but to most of us it is just our website address, and a fundamental part of our business image, off- and online.

Here are a few pitfalls to avoid and tips in your domain name management.

5 Minute Marketing: Usability

How often have you been frustrated by the layout or content of a website? It can be pretty annoying.

What if your potential or actual customers were experiencing the same difficulty finding information, making a purchase or downloading a resource from your website?

We are generally so familiar with our own websites that we may be unaware if this is the case.

Usability Testing is a huge area that employs an impressive range of technologies and science to identify and correct obstacles to using websites, software and products in general.

How usable is your website? Find out in five minutes – give or take… 🙂

#2: Usability Testing