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Why do Americans tip so much?

Every year Americans willingly hand over an estimated $40,000,000,000 in tips to service personnel. With 31 tipped service professions – more than any other country – tipping can be a minefield for visitors and international residents. So who should you tip, how much… and why?

My first Toastmasters speech: CC #1 Icebreaker

Example of a Toastmasters Icebreaker speech, the first public speaking practice when you join a club | Karen Henry, Digital Marketing Strategist

11 differences between driving in Ireland and California

Driving in another country can be challenging, especially if it is on the other side of the road. Here are 11 differences between driving in Ireland (or UK) and California, by an Irish expat living in Silicon Valley.

St Patrick’s Day Surprises

When I first visited California in 1997, my American friend Kathy announced with great fanfare…

Travel, the Elephant and the Blind Men

I love ancient stories that teach a lesson and one of my favourites is the Indian parable of the blind men describing an elephant.

As several blind men describe what they experience when they touch an elephant, they variously describe it as like a wall, rope, snake and so on, depending on the area of the animal they touched. All correct, but none fully accurate. I believe that travel is the same; our experiences are subjective, so we should be wary of conclusive declarations.