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What does Lorem Ipsum mean?

When a design house mocks up a brochure or website for proofing, you will notice that the dummy text used often begins:

“”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…”

So, what does this mean, and why is it used?

VAT on Carbon Tax?

Is it just me, or is charging VAT on carbon tax just taking the whole Revenue deficit thing a step too far?

Reminds me of another pet hate (#762) of mine: service in a restaurant being calculated on overpriced and heavily taxed alcohol as well as the food…

This week I learned that…

…if Facebook were a country and its users citizens, it be would the world’s third most populous nation, after China and India.

…the iPad is a boy.

…LinkedIn has direct finance generating potential for business

Hello 2010! (That’s Twenty Ten)

It seems that the new decade has prompted widespread adoption of “twenty ten” as the pronunciation of the year 2010 – at last! I feel I’ve been ploughing a lone furrow on this issue since 2000 (that’s twenty hundred)…