Once again today I groaned as a well-meaning guest on a radio programme interrupted the unfortunate presenter’s wrap up with “can I just give my website details?”. I imagined the presenter smiling “certainly” while silently willing his guest not to start with….

“double-you, double-you, double-you dot…”

… that’s 10 syllables and several precious seconds wasted, not to mention potentially irritating the listener (ahem, no one in particular, of course).

If you get a chance to promote your website verbally, just say the domain name i.e. “google.com”. Succinct and direct, it has more impact.

People will most likely prefix it with “www” anyway, but just in case, you should be sure to check with your hosting company that “http:// yourdomain.com” will also resolve to your website (a very simple process, but sometimes you need to specify that you want this).

As has been pointed out, “www” is about the only acronym that takes longer to say than the words it replaces.

So, for radio interviews, TV ads or on the phone, just use the salient “domain.com” and trust that the grateful hordes will find you if they are interested.

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