Finishing as I mean to start (the New Year that is), herewith the inaugural post on my new blog.

Dissatisfied with the sporadic nature of my posting on the previous blog incarnation, my many resolutions for 2010 include more consistent blogging.

In this blog I hope to share useful tips on marketing and technology in business that I have learned in my management consulting and training work; if it has benefited one client it will hopefully be of interest to others. It is likely that I will be unable to resist including also my thoughts on books, wine, food and travel, as well as occasional soap box rants.

Which brings me to the whole twenty ten / two thousand and ten issue. I am delighted to see that the impending arrival of 2010 seems to have – finally – triggered adoption of the correct pronunciation convention. We say “nineteen oh nine” for 1909, so why not “twenty oh nine” for 2009? Since 2000 (that’s twenty hundred) I have felt somewhat alone in my insistence on this, so I am happy to see it gaining currency.

Happy New Year!

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