Many businesses have inadvertently been set up on Facebook as a personal profile instead of a business page, which is against the rules of Facebook, who reserve the right to delete any profile they find being used as a business page.

Arguments for and against converting a profile to a page for business

However, there is a simple process to convert a personal profile to a business page, carrying over your current ‘friends’ as fans (likes).

Before Converting a Personal Profile to a Business Page

When Facebook converts a personal profile to a page, it carries over your profile picture and converts your friends to fans, and all other content on your current profile will be deleted.

So if you want to keep any of your current content, follow the instructions provided by Facebook to download a file containing all of your content.

Converting a profile to a page cannot be reversed.

How to Convert a Profile to a Business Page

Once you are ready to convert your personal profile to a business page, click on the following link

This will take you to the standard start screen for creating a new business page.

Convert your Facebook profile to a business page

Click on ‘Local business or place’ or ‘company, organisation or institution’ and follow the steps to set up your page:
1.    Choose a category, enter in your business name, read and accept the Terms and Conditions (if you agree) and click on ‘Get Started’.
2.    Your page is now created. Add a profile picture by uploading a photo or logo image from your computer.
3.    [Tip!] For the moment, skip the steps prompting you to invite friends, import contacts, share or like your page, as it is better to get your page set up completely before promoting it.
4.    Complete the basic information for your page and click Continue. Ensure your website is entered correctly and the About section is an attractive description of your business, as it will always be visible on your page.
5.    For the first week or two, a ‘Get started’ page will be displayed on your page; this is just to prompt you to update and promote your page and is only seen by you, not visitors to your page.
6.    Complete as much detail as possible of your business in the Info page, as this makes it easier to find.

If you have converted your Facebook profile to a page, I’d love to hear how you got on – please leave a comment.

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