In November 2009, LinkedIn announced their partnership with Twitter that allows users to publish tweets / status updates across the two services automatically.

So should you TweetIn / Linkter?

Well, since it presents an opportunity to publicise your business or interests on a broader scale, yes. But, like porcupines copulating, it should be done carefully.

While Twitter has received (mostly deserved) criticism regarding the volume of bland “Having a cup of tea. Raining outside” type tweets, it has also shown its mettle in the recent disaster in Haiti, upheaval in Iran and other events. Its value to certain types of business and other endeavours is also without doubt.

However, while Twitter users are accustomed to the constant updates and occasional blandness, many LinkedIn users are not. Care must be taken therefore to publish to LinkedIn only appropriate, relevant tweets.

The following screenshots show how to connect your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, and use them appropriately:

Connect Twitter and LinkedIn

Click on 'Add Twitter account'

Profile updated with Twitter account; note also 'friendly' Public Profile URL

Share only selected tweets, using hashtag #in or #li

The selected tweet shows on your LinkedIn status

Ensure you have opted for sharing only tweets that contain #in

Select which LinkedIn status update to share on Twitter


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