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How Not to Treat Your Hotel Guest

UPDATE: Following a 5-star apology from the management for unprecedentedly poor communication due to staffing issues, what I had presented as “A lesson in shoddy guest relationship management by Ashford Castle”, must now, in fairness, be presented as a salutary tale in client communications management in the context of staffing changes.
My original post included screenshots of the impersonal blanket email I received in response to my comments on their feedback form, not forgetting the piece de resistance: “COMCABAD”: the outrageously dismissive, impersonal Word template attachment.

Continue reading for how not to treat your hotel guest…

New Logos for 2010

In difficult economic circumstances it is tempting to cut spending across the board, but this is just the time that marketing efforts should increase, not diminish.

A number of high profile businesses have redesigned their logos already this year and a number of new brands have been created. The winning logo for the EU Organic products has also been unveiled – take a look…

3 Things To Know About Short URLs

1. What is a short URL?

A short URL (Unique Resource Locator, or website address) is a truncated website address that redirects to a longer address when clicked……

2. How are short URLs relevant to your business?

3. Any downsides to using short URLs?

Malicious Vodafone tweet highlights social media hazards

Although the web is great for broadcasting our business communications, care must be taken when many people represent an organisation online, as Vodafone recently discovered.

Clearly defined editorial and publishing guidelines, appropriately monitored, supported by correctly configured software, will do a lot to mitigate damage.

Ultimately, however, it is a case of caveat scriptor.

Don’t say the ‘www’ bit!

“double-you, double-you, double-you dot…” may be the most irritating 10 syllables one can hear. For radio interviews, TV ads or on the phone, just use the salient “domain.com” and trust that the grateful hordes will find you if they are interested.