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April Fool’s Day Marketing Ideas

OK, so it may be niche and somewhat shortlived, but April Fool’s Day can be an opportunity to get some attention for your business, especially in the fickle online world.

At a minimum you show you’ve got a sense of humour, and with a bit of creativity, you may get some viral love.

On April Fool’s Day 2011, LinkedIn suggested I might know the Wizard of In, activist/fundraiser Robin Hood and others.

Google advertised for an “Autocompleter” (requirements include typing at 32,000 wpm).

In a more esoteric move, Google also displayed the results of searches for “Helvetica” – the beloved, elegant typeface that even has its own movie – in Comic Sans – the lowest common denominator of typefaces (Just Say No Kids!).

BMW advertised a commemorative Royal Wedding Edition of the M3, complete with “Will” logo (enquiries to pauline.yourlegg@bmw.co.uk).

Given the publisher of this notice, it could actually be true, and I confess I would be a keen customer of this service: Ryanair announce child free flights.

Inspired? You’ve got 364 days to plan for next year’s killer April Fool’s Day marketing viral – good luck!

VAT on Carbon Tax?

Is it just me, or is charging VAT on carbon tax just taking the whole Revenue deficit thing a step too far?

Reminds me of another pet hate (#762) of mine: service in a restaurant being calculated on overpriced and heavily taxed alcohol as well as the food…