…if Facebook were a country and its users citizens, it be would the world’s third most populous nation, after China and India. The world’s most popular social networking website now boasts over 350m users worldwide, with over 70% of these outside of its home turf of the USA.

….the much-hyped iPad is a boy! Like the iPhone, the sleek device is incapable of multi-tasking, that is, it cannot run more than one application at a time.

As the devoted owner of an iPhone myself, one of the few gripes I have with it is the inability to multi-function, for example staying logged in to Skype while browsing email.

However, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has pitched the iPad as a “third category of device” between laptops and smartphones. So don’t expect too much then. Like Flash. Or a webcam.

Steve Jobs unveils the iPad

…LinkedIn has direct finance generating potential for business. Irish software company Goshido raised investment of €162,500 in eight days using only business social networking website LinkedIn. The company sent 700 emails to selected LinkedIn users, generating 200 responses and raising the finance.

I have long been convinced of the more subtle, long-term benefits of LinkedIn such as  business promotion, reputation development and networking. This gives an interesting new perspective on its use; kudos to all involved at Goshido.

Let’s hope however that it does not trigger a barrage of copycat spam to any LinkedIn user whose profile indicates they might be good for a few quid.

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