When a design house mocks up a brochure or website for proofing, you will notice that the dummy text used often begins:

“”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…”

So, what does this mean and why is it used?

Firstly why use these paragraphs of incomprehensible text?

It is used because natural text such as this, with varying lengths of words and sentences, gives a better idea of how the finished text will look than “text goes here, text goes here, text goes here, text goes here…” or whatever alternative we might use.

As to what it means, well, it is an amended version of Latin text from a work of Cicero, written in 45BC. In popular use in the print industry since the 1960s (or the 16th Century, according to some), it gained widespread distribution with the expansion of word processing and typesetting software since.

A free online Lorem Ipsum generator is a handy tool for generating your own placeholder text to allow you to assess the layout, typesetting, font and design without distraction.

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