St Patrick’s Day Surprises

When I first visited California in 1997, my American friend Kathy announced with great fanfare…

Travel, the Elephant and the Blind Men

I love ancient stories that teach a lesson and one of my favourites is the Indian parable of the blind men describing an elephant.

As several blind men describe what they experience when they touch an elephant, they variously describe it as like a wall, rope, snake and so on, depending on the area of the animal they touched. All correct, but none fully accurate. I believe that travel is the same; our experiences are subjective, so we should be wary of conclusive declarations.

Auto-Translation Tips – Multilingual Marketing

Auto translation tools like Google Translate can help with multilingual marketing. Simple tips to minimise mistakes and get the most from these tools | Karen Henry

5 Minute Marketing: Domain Names

Domain names are now part of our everyday lives. Technically, a domain name is a simpler alias for the IP address for a web server, but to most of us it is just our website address, and a fundamental part of our business image, off- and online.

Here are a few pitfalls to avoid and tips in your domain name management.

5 Minute Marketing: Usability

How often have you been frustrated by the layout or content of a website? It can be pretty annoying.

What if your potential or actual customers were experiencing the same difficulty finding information, making a purchase or downloading a resource from your website?

We are generally so familiar with our own websites that we may be unaware if this is the case.

Usability Testing is a huge area that employs an impressive range of technologies and science to identify and correct obstacles to using websites, software and products in general.

How usable is your website? Find out in five minutes – give or take… 🙂

#2: Usability Testing

5 Minute Marketing: Email Signatures

As I enthusiastically discuss marketing ideas with clients, the reaction is often “sounds great, but – too time consuming”.

However, like getting fit or learning a language, ‘a little and often’ can often bring the best long term results.

So, here’s the first in a series of “5 Minute Marketing Tips” – useful, relevant and quick actions you can take in five minutes to make a lasting, positive impact on your business.

#1: Email Signatures

4 Tips for Managing Online Reputation

The preceding post outlined some basic steps in monitoring the reputation of your organisation or brand online.

It is important to know what is being said about you online, but what can you do about it?

Four simple actions to take are:

1. Claim your business
2. Take care with the information that you can control
3. Get the basics in place before promoting your message
4. Respond carefully and immediately

Continue reading for details and slideshow of examples of poorly managed online reputation.

Are You Monitoring Your Online Reputation?

To comprehensively monitor and manage every mention of your organisation on the 273,301,445* websites currently in existence requires resources beyond the reach of most. However, you can cover a lot of bases with a little effort, by focusing on a small number of important sites and using automated searches and alerts.

At a minimum, set up alerts on key search engines such as Google and Yahoo!, by selecting keywords you wish to monitor; they will kindly email you the results of these searches.

Next, focus on important sites, which are the ones with:

* High traffic and interactivity
* Good search engine ranking for keywords relevant to your business
* Relevance to your business sector and location

Example of Best and Worst Practice in Tourism Online

Researching and booking a recent trip to lovely Lisbon, I was struck by how one can get it so right and so wrong, in simple ways.

As always, it boils down to solid customer care and business communication principles, regardless of the technology employed.

A simple, friendly email from a B&B contrasts with impersonal responses to poor Tripadvisor reviews by a doubtless better resourced hotel chain.

Continue reading for more details and screenshots of the ‘best and worst’ tourism communications…

Help! My Facebook Page Has Friends, Not Fans!

Many businesses I have met through consulting or at social media training courses are using…